Reset Password

A password reset is required to gain access to the Server Care Monitoring portal for the time.

  1. Browse to URL:
  2. Enter your email address and satisfy the CAPTCHA requirements
  3. Click Reset Password
  4. Check your email inbox for instructions
    Note: This link will expire in one hour. If the link expires before you can reset your password, you will need to request a new link.

RMM Setup Tab

This tab is where you will download your agents to install on servers you would like monitored. Without the agent installed, the server will not be monitored. This allows you to control which servers are being monitored and not include servers you do not need monitored.

Prepare Proactive Server Care Agent

  1. Select Site Server is associated with → Select Agents Tab → Select RMM Server Agents
  2. Select Request Setup for compatible Microsoft (GUI Installation) or Linux Server Operating System
    Note: New agent requests take approximately 30 minutes to generate the latest agent version installer file.
  3. Email Notification: Enter email address to be notified when agent is ready to download → Click Save

Download and Install Agent

  1. Execute the agent installer from the console of your TCDC server
    Note: The initial asset collection and inventory process may take up to 24 hours for server information to show in the portal.

Server Care Monitoring Dashboard

You have the ability to customize what you can see on your dashboard by adding and removing widgets.

To remove widgets, you can simply click the X button at the top right corner of the widget.

To add a widget, select Widget Display → Configure Widgets → select widget to display on your dashboard → click Add Selected Widget.

Quick Access

Select the site you would like to view under the Quick Access Tab if you have multiple sites.


You can click on the Remote Access to access that server from this screen.

Server Overview OR System Profile Tab

Select the server you would like to view the details for → Select Server Overview Tab.

There are two tabs to gather server information.

Overview Tab: Provides you High-Level Server Data

At the bottom of the Overview Tab you can click the additional tabs to view additional server detail:

Performance Metrics:

Task Manager:

Task Manager History:

You can access all of the following data through the Asset Tab OR System Profile Tab.


  • Operating System
  • Bios/Baseboard Information
  • Logical Memory Data
  • Network Details
  • Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor Data
  • Services Performed
  • Computer System
  • Hardware Processor
  • Physical Disk Data
  • Share Data
  • All Software Data
  • List of All Authorized Users


From the Patches Tab, you can perform actions on your server by:

→ Click on Patches Tab → Select Server →

  • Select Deploy Missing Patches
  • Schedule Forced Restart
  • Request NOC Off-Hours Maintenance

Reports Tab

You can use this page you manage your reports. You can expand each section for all reporting options. Add reports to favorites by clicking the star next to the report you want to easily access.