Call Blocking allows you to reject calls from selected incoming telephone numbers by creating a Call Blocking List. Callers who are on the list hear an announcement and the call is terminated. The caller will receive one of the following messages (depending on your location):

  • "Your call has been properly delivered, but the number you are calling has its Call Blocking service activated. Calls from your number are not being accepted by the called party."
  • “Your call cannot be completed. The number you are calling has activated Call Blocking, indicating they do not wish to receive calls at this time.”
  • “We are sorry. The party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time.”

Step 1

Log into BirchConnect. Put your mouse over ‘Manage Services’, then click ‘TotalCloud PBX’.


Step 2

Click on 'Number Settings' and then 'Call Filtering'. Under 'Call Filtering', select 'Call Blocking'.


Step 3

If provided the option, select the telephone number or extension you are managing.


Step 4

To activate, click the On/Off toggle switch to turn the feature on.


Step 5

Once the toggle is turned 'On', enter the telephone number or numbers you wish to block. Simply hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard after each telephone number to enter the next telephone number. You can even block 'Anonymous' calls by selecting the checkbox at the bottom.


Once complete, click the Save button.