My Room is an always available and a permanent room that you can use to chat with anyone that joins.

My Room is accessible using the My Room icon in the Tab bar.

You can add more participants using the add participants icon or they can join your room from your contact card. Once participants join the chat room, they can tap on the Call button of that screen to automatically join the conference.

My Room uses your permanent chat room, permanent collaboration room, and a conference bridge (audio or video). All My Room sessions start as chats but a call can be added to the session while in progress.

Others join your room by clicking your name on their Contacts list and selecting Join Room from the contact card.

You can dial into other contact’s My Room audio bridge from the directory contact card.

Guest Client

This Guest Client feature is specifically intended for users outside of the company. Hub users can invite Guest Client users to their My Room by selecting “Copy Guest Join Link” from the My Room menu button on the top right corner. The copied link delivery is outside the scope of UC-One (that is, email).

Guest users can join a session with audio in the web browser by requesting a Call Back using the provided dial-in number and conference PIN. They can also use group chat and sharing inside the web browser. However, guest clients do not have the private chat possibility and they can see the chat history of messages that occurred after they joined the session.

The My Room owner is prompted to accept or reject guest client users joining My Room sessions.

A Guest Client user invitation can be revoked by selecting “Reset Guest Link” from the My Room menu button.