Hub supports Push Notifications for Incoming Calls.

The feature leverages support on the BroadWorks Application Server to send Push Notifications to mobile applications over Google Cloud Messaging services.

Mobile client applications use push notifications to get alerted for incoming calls and accept the call as VoIP.

When there is new call, BroadWorks sends a push notification to the client, which is presented to the user as either OS-specific visual notification or in the user interface of the client application.

From a user experience standpoint, accepting a call works in the same way for both push-enabled clients and non-push-enabled clients. On Android, the call is presented to the user with an application-specific Incoming Call screen with Answer and Decline buttons.

Outgoing VoIP calls are performed with SIP registration on demand, which is transparent to the user. The SIP registration is done only when the user initiates the VoIP call.

In addition to push notifications for new calls, the solution also supports push notifications for new voice mail.