Description:  Call Waiting is designed to provide you a beep or tone to alert you of another call coming through when you are already in the middle of a call.

To Activate:

  • When you hear the beep or tone, simply press the Switchhook or Flash button.  The first caller will be placed on hold, and you will be connected to the second caller.  
  • To return to the first caller, simply press the Switchhook or Flash button again.  

To Control/Cancel Call Waiting before making a call:

  • Dial *70  (Dial 1170 if from a rotary or pulse dial phone) 
  • Listen for a second dial tone
  • Proceed with making your call


  • If you do not respond to the beep or tone, additional beeps or tones will sound every 10 seconds until the second caller hangs up. 
  • If a third caller tries to call while you already have two callers on the line, the third caller will receive a busy signal.