Description: Distinctive Ring Service enables two or three telephone numbers to share one line.  A unique ringing pattern is provided for the additional lines, allowing you to determine what number was dialed by the caller.  This service is sometimes referred to as a Teen Line, as it is sometimes used to distinguish calls being made to an end users child(ren).  


  • There is only one talking path available, shared between the two or three numbers
  • Outbound calls are made from the master number only
  • All numbers part of the Distinctive Ring Service have to be from the same Central Office as the master number
  • Distinctive Ring Service may not be available in all Central Offices

Interactions with other features:

  • Call Waiting = A distinctive Call Waiting tone is provided per number
  • Call Forwarding = When the master number is Call Forwarded, all Distinctive Ring numbers associated will also be forwarded