Description: Accounting Codes, also referred to as Account Codes or Project Account Codes, are 2 - 6 digit codes required to be entered by the caller to complete a long distance phone call.  These codes are then itemized on the monthly invoice to track long distance usage and traffic.  There are two types:

  • Validated or Verified = A predetermined set of 2 - 6 digit codes setup specifically for individual users.  Employers may assign specific Validated or Verified Accounting Codes to each employee to track the outbound long distance traffic and usage by each employee.  Without using the specific code, the call cannot be completed.  This type is limited to the specific codes setup by the end user.
  • Non-Validated or Unverified = Unlike the Validated/Verified Accounting Codes, Non-Validated/Unverified Accounting Code users are not setup with user specific codes, but instead are required to dial a code of a specific length (2 - 6 digits).  As long as the code is of the specified length, the code entered by the user can be any code of their choosing.